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International nurses have a key role in the NHS

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The research commissioned by NHS England has reiterated the importance of recruiting nurses from overseas.   By the middle of this year there was a short fall in nurses resulting in 39,000 vacant posts. The government has committed to halve this rate by 2028.

In the research that was published yesterday, researches have said: “Overseas recruitment, while not the only lever, will have to play a major role if these shortfalls are to be addressed and the ambitions of an additional 50,000 nurses by 2025 be met.”  The research confirmed that relying on the recruitment of nurses within the UK is not an option due to the time and cost it takes to train a nurse and using temporary staff to fill vacancies is too “expensive”. 

Benefits of Recruiting International Nurses

The researchers found that nurses from overseas were thought to stay longer in the NHS than their UK counterparts with less manoeuvring between NHS organisations.  Also, overseas nurses were typically contracted to work longer hours than their UK colleagues.  Although the ambition of the NHS is to reduce their reliance on international nurses in the long term in favour of recruiting nurses from this country,the research concluded that international recruitment will be the answer to the nursing shortage in the short to medium term.

Attracting International Nurses

The research found that the market for nursing talent is becoming “increasingly competitive” so when it comes to planning your recruitment of overseas nurses there are key points worthy of consideration, including promoting your organisation in the right way and identifying the priorities of potential candidates.  To read more on this you can read our earlier blog, How to Attract International Nurses here.

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