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Attracting international nurses

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​When considering how to attract international nurses, it is inevitable you will face competition from likeminded organisations looking to recruit overseas talent.  Setting yourself apart from the competition is the key to effectively marketing your organisation and recruitment success.

Promoting your organisation

Consideration needs to be given to the packages offered to potential candidates by other organisations.  Ask yourself: what makes your package superior?

There are many ways to promote your organisation but having a good reputation with your existing overseas employees is important in attracting future candidates.  Word of mouth amongst the international community is an effective way of sharing the positive experiences had by others.   A good way of doing this is via published testimonials or videos on your website. 

Priorities for overseas candidates

Identifying priorities for overseas candidates is paramount. Whilst they will differ from person to person, the nature of the role must be clearly defined.  Also, the location of your organisation and what your particular region has to offer will be a possible consideration.  Being open and transparent about the role and its associated benefits may help prevent employees from leaving prematurely.  Pastoral and professional support packages are fundamental to an employee’s wellbeing, especially when they are relocating to a new country from overseas. As an approved CPP Framework provider and a lead recruiter of international nurses and healthcare professionals for over 19 years, we have a proven track record in effective pastoral support.  

The candidate journey

It’s important to ensure the recruitment process runs smoothly for the benefit of the employer’s reputation and the expectations of the candidate.  Candidates are likely to share both positive and negative experiences.   Some organisations may choose to work with a specialist advisor to help them with their recruitment activities.  You can read more about How to choose the right partner agency for International Nurses Recruitment in an earlier blog.

We are a CPP Frame Work Approved Supplier, with over 18 years of expertise in hiring over 5000 nurses across NHS Hospitals, Private Hospitals, Private Nursing Homes and other private healthcare organizations, we are one of the leading enterprises in providing staffing solutions to healthcare sectors across the UK.NursingjobsUKis a trading name for Ealoor Consultancy UK Ltd, leaders in Education and Recruitment of International nurses and students.

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