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Ethical Recruitment

Nursingjobs UK are NHS ethical recruiters.

NHS Employers updates and maintains a list of recruitment organisations, agencies and collaborations that operate in accordance with the code of practice. Nursingjobs UK are listed on the Code of Practice Ethical Recruiters List. As part of our commitment to remaining a member of the Ethical Recruiters List we will:

  • Comply with the WHO Code of Practice throughout the recruitment project.We will source and introduce suitable Candidates from all ‘non-red list’ countries and will not conduct international recruitment that prejudices the healthcare system of developing countries.

  • Adhere to all benchmark practises recommended by the Code of Conduct and ensure ethical recruitment of international nurses to the NHS.

  • Remain registered on the NHS Ethical Recruiters List and will align all activities to the best practice benchmarks detailed in NHS Employers International recruitment toolkit.

  • Ensure all international personnel will have the same legal rights and responsibilities as domestically trained staff in terms of employment and work conditions, including the same access to FE, training, and CPD.

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