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NMC CBT (Computer Based Training)

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UK NMC CBT for overseas nurses

The Test of Competence (ToC) is used to assess the skills and knowledge of people wanting to join the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) register from overseas or rejoin the register after a long period away from practice.

The test of competence is specific to the appropriate nursing field and always consists of two parts.Part 1 is a computer-based test (CBT). Part 2 is a nursing objective structured clinical examination (OSCE).

The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) Test of Competence Part 1 exam is a computer-based test (CBT) consisting of 115 Multiple Choice Questions lasting 3 hours. NMC CBT is intended for nurses trained outside the EU (European Union) and the European Economic Area seeking employment as a nurse in the UK.

The CBT contains a numeracy test (which consists of short-answer questions requiring a numerical answer), objective questions and a theory test (which is multiple choice). The CBT can be taken at a Pearson VUE test center, available in most countries around the world. Candidates will be given a short tutorial on how to use the computer before starting the examination. All questions are scored as correct or incorrect, and there is no partial credit. Part A will comprise a 15-mark numeracy assessment. Part B will be a 100-mark theory assessment.

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The Mock Test

The mock test is the highlight of our training. The mock test is designed to strengthen the candidate’s awareness about the test. Part A numeracy mock test is done on the time limit of 30 minutes for 15 questions including the images exactly as it is in NMC CBT test. Part B clinical nursing mock test is done on the time limit of 150 minutes for 100 questions. These 100 questions are distributed exactly according to the real CBT exam, with the same proportion of topics covered. Candidates successfully completing our mock test can apply for the NMC CBT and others can practice more and prepare for the test. Our exclusive CBT online training portal provides greater knowledge and understating the NMC CBT format.

"While taking the mock test, maintain a reasonable pace by spending no more than 2 minutes on each question. Always select the answer that is the ‘most’ correct from the given options. The CBT does not use negative scoring if a question is not answered, so do not randomly select answers or guess the answers as it will not improve the result."

Our CBT Training Portal

NursingjobsUK's NMC CBT online practice contains multiple-choice questions, based on the newly updated syllabus, in the same format you will see in the actual Computer Based Test. Our online CBT Training consists of subject based practice followed by 13 practice tests and 8 mock tests. The online training portal is prepared and is constantly updated by our dedicated Training and Development Team. Years of experience and the continuing research of our trainers, make the online study portal very precise and compact.

Our technical team will ensure the candidates are able to use the resource and make the most out of it. In case of difficulty during the online training session, our technical team will examine and assist at the earliest. Our online practice technologically updates as well, so it ensures proper functioning for all the users. Candidates can interact with us for training as well as for technical support.

The practice session is set in such a way that, the nurses will get the feedback on the go. It enables the candidate to understand the methodology and perspectives of the NMC CBT. During the practice session, overseas nurses cover topics from general theoretical and technical instruction to the subject-specific to the activities of midwives. Our online training portal also covers topics which focus on the patient and public safety. Thus, it covers all the aspects of NMC CBT, enabling the overseas nurses to take the test in confidence.

Free Online Training

The free CBT online training comprises practice tests and mock tests whereas you can upgrade to the Paid CBT training after your free tests are completed, which consists of 4000 questions with answers and more than 1000 previously asked questions. You can get your Paid CBT training tests that consists of 4000 questions including Numeric questions for different values for different days according to your requirements that includes Practice, Mock and Subject based tests.

Candidate Feedback

We value the feedback from the candidates. Do share your valuable feedback and don’t hesitate to contact us. More online training session will be launching soon. If working in the UK as a registered nurse is your dream, NursingjobsUK is the right choice.

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CBT Training Testimonials

  • Princy Chacko
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    ​Thank you NursingjobsUk for your continuous support and guidance which enabled me to succeed in the CBT exam in my first attempt.The updated practice tests and mock tests were excellent resources which made me to cra...

    Princy Chacko

    CBT candidate

  • Sara Sunny
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    ​I've completed my OET and CBT few months back. Then I consulted 2-3 agencies for the futher processing and they scheduled interviews for me but I didn't passed those interviews so cancelled them and connected ealoor ...

    Sara Sunny


  • Aneesh Nair
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    ​I am thankful to nursingjobs uk for the CBT exam support provided.The questions in their CBT portal was very useful, especially the part B domain wise questions and mock tests. Thank you.

    Aneesh Nair


  • Sneha Raghu
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    ​The materials for CBT exam was very helpful 👍🏾😊

    Sneha Raghu


  • Ansu Shaji
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    ​The CBT materials are very helpful and I cleared CBT exam.....

    Ansu Shaji


  • Agina Jeevan
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    ​If a person takes time to read and practice all the meterials from the specific and trustworthy website you can get a detailed knowledge of the topic. The practice meterials did a very good job of mirroring my journe...

    Agina Jeevan


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    ​Iam really thankful for the nursing jobs UK entire team for helping me to pass the CBT exam.



  • Jecil James
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    ​Nursing jobs helped me to pass my CBT exam

    Jecil James


  • Jisna E K
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    ​Nursing job UK has helped me to clear my CBT exam....Their materials were so good!! Thank you!

    Jisna E K