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NHS Framework

Nursingjobsuk are on the NHS Workforce Alliance Framework, awarded in Lot 1 - Nursing and Midwifery, Lot 2 - Doctors and Dentists, Lot 4 - OSCE Training Suppoprt and Lot 5 - Pastoral Support.

This framework has been developed in direct response to and is fully in line with the recommendations outlined in the NHS Long Term Plan and the NHS People Plan regarding international recruitment.

By offering a fully compliant pathway to the market, the International Recruitment Framework guarantees adherence to NHS pre-employment standards and facilitates the connection of trusts with dedicated personnel who are passionately committed to providing care, compassion, and dignity to those they serve.

Sourcing clinical professionals internationally is crucial to assist in the ongoing recovery from COVID-19 and to address the service pressures faced by the NHS due to the significant shortage of clinical staff in England. The NHS Long Term Plan has outlined its vision for the NHS in the next decade, emphasising the importance of ethical and sustainable international recruitment as a top workforce priority.

The framework offers a compliant and ethical pathway for Trusts to collaborate with experienced international recruitment framework suppliers. This partnership enables Trusts to bolster their recruitment efforts and effectively meet their specific needs at all stages of the recruitment process.

The accredited suppliers, certified by the NHS Employers International Recruitment Code of Practice, are categorized under Lots 1, 2, and 3. They are specialist providers of OSCE training, relocation assistance, and pastoral services, all geared towards enhancing candidate retention and welfare initiatives.

The framework suppliers are bound by clear obligations, including rigorous candidate compliance checks. They ensure that all candidates adhere to the latest regulatory changes, immigration policies, and language requirements.

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