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What we do

At NursingjobsUK we provide training for NHS Hospitals and other private healthcare organisations. We have been awarded 'OSCE Training Support Approved Supplier' status by the NHS Workforce Alliance.

NursingjobsUK launched the first ever private NMC OSCE training for nurses and we are proud of the 99% pass rate achieved by our students. We conduct training for NHS Hospitals and other private healthcare organisations and provide 30 days intensive Nursing and Midwifery OSCE training on how best a pre-registered nurse (PRN) can perform for the objective structured clinical examination (OSCE), the test of competence part 2 of the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) registration process for nurses and midwives trained outside of the European Union (EU)/ European Economic Area (EEA).


OSCE training in brief

We have implemented an award-winning learning management system that is ideal for delivering engaging online training for all our students. Through our Learning Management System, we are well equipped to provide a blended learning prospect. We have arranged a 30 day programme which is not just watching and listening to our online training live, students will be taken through the real classroom experience. They will be performing the skills and scenarios and filling out the OSCE paperwork. Students will get access to our online system for 30 days.

OSCE Online Learning is available 24/7 which has all the skills and scenarios required for the OSCE test preparation. OSCE online learning was created by Nursing Jobs UK to provide the convenience of learning on the go, students can pause, rewind and re-learn whenever and wherever they want at their own convenience.

With a blended virtual program, the tutors deliver live classes related to each section three hours in a week and students can self-practice at their convenience until the next class. They will be assessed and given constructive feedback.

The Mock test will be arranged a minimum one week prior to the actual OSCE test either completed online or face to face (Optional).

All students learn differently, some students may need additional support due to having no prior clinical experience or high levels of anxiety and as a result want to build their confidence or recap knowledge prior to attending the test. The face to face Mock test helps to boost confidence.

One of the benefits of virtual learning are the savings made on travel and accommodation costs.

​On-site training

In-house training

Nurses from Tameside NHS - Student Induction Day

Lead Nurse - Workforce & the Nursing and Midwifery Workforce Development Practitioner from Tameside NHS Trust. Read our case study

OSCE training overview

​30 days virtual OSCE learning

Our virtual training session includes:

  •  APIE

  •  All clinical skills

  • OSCE time-based assessments

  • Top tips for your OSCE exam

  • How to prepare for your OSCE exam and updates or changes on OSCE exam.

Ad-hoc support is available for all students during OSCE virtual training.

NursingjobsUK are the only OSCE trainers in the UK who provide training every month. This is to make the OSCE training more flexible, so that every candidate approaching us can sign up for training at their convenience. The majority of candidates will be working as pre-registered nurses or will be an international candidate reaching the UK few days before their OSCE exam.

We recommend that pre-registered nurse preparing for the part two test of competence have 14 days of preparation time before the test date to sufficiently prepare themselves.

"Nursingjobsuk team did an amazing job in OSCE training and supporting the group of International recruited nurses to achieve their dream of being a registered nurse in United Kingdom. I will highly recommend Nursingjobsuk team for the OSCE training service." ” -Christy Simon, Practice Education Practitioner for International Recruited Nurses - Tameside and Glossop Integrated Care NHS Foundation Trust

To enquire about OSCE training call us on 0203 405 7168 or fill in the enquiry form below

"Thanks to the training I got from Nursingjobsuk I passed my OSCE on the first attempt. The trainers are really good at what they do!"

Omotola Tolulope

Training Highlights

Our pre-registered nurses will receive coaching, guidance and feedback to help them pass the OSCE on their first attempt.

  • Our OSCE training is practical and online based

  • Increased student engagement in learning

  • Time flexibility

  • More flexible teaching and learning environment

  • Improved student learning outcomes

  • With virtual OSCE learning you choose the time and pace that suits you best

  • Complete feedback after mock exam

"Great platform for osce. They have best trainers who are so much supportive to crack exam. Go for it."

R. Nagaveni

"​I came to the UK on my own to take the OSCE. I was lost until a friend pointed me towards Nursing Jobs. I have passed my OSCE. Nursing Jobs were so helpful and I felt as I was part of a family."

Abdoulie Jannel

Why OSCE training is essential

The OSCE will simulate a clinical environment and “patient” scenarios which registered nurses and midwives are likely to encounter when they assess, plan, implement and evaluate care. Candidates are expected to utilise a contemporary evidence base and effectively demonstrate the safe practical application of nursing and midwifery skills.

As recruiters and trainers NursingjobsUK is pleased to offer OSCE training to get you through your OSCE examination on your first attempt.

What if I fail OSCE for the third time?

To work in the UK is a dream for many nurses across the world but completing the IELTS, CBT and receiving the NMC decision letter is only part of the process. The real challenge for any international nurse is to pass the OSCE. Passing the OSCE ensures the NMC pin number which guarantees your job security and further employment in the UK.

You have three attempts to appear for the OSCE,but what happens if you fail the OSCE on the 3rd attempt?

Typically your certificate of Sponsorship will be curtailed and you will be asked to travel back to your home country but this is not the case if you are a candidate who came to the UK and joined with an employer through us. We extend a further helping hand for those candidates who have failed the OSCE for the third time. We have expert solicitors and legal advisors working with us who can provide you with the necessary guidance and expertise to attempt the OSCE again.

To enquire about OSCE training call us on 0203 405 7168

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    ​It was great learning experience,the knowledge of the subject matter was evident, and delivered the material in a way that was engaging and easy to follow.The tutors were amazing and very supportive.It helped me pas...

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    ​Osce classes were really good. Excellent team, very supportive and helpful.

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    ​Excellent experienceLovely staffEspecially Bindhu mam was very helpful and supportive 👏Amazing team. Thank you for the support

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    ​I had a great learning experience. The teachers are awesome helped me pass the osce in first try.

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    ​I had the opportunity to learn from the talented trainers...I pass my OSCE in 2 months ...thank you so much for the entire team..😊🙏

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    ​We have worked with Nursingjobsuk on training for our last cohort of international nurses. The cooperation has been beneficial and the nurses and staff at the hospital have had a positive experience with the team at ...

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