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​How to choose the right partner agency for International Nurses Recruitment?

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​The success of any recruitment process falls largely on the relationship between the agency and the employer. The employer needs to appoint an agency who can offer them the best results. Let us discuss few points which can help each employer in choosing the right agency for international recruitment of nurses.

First and foremost, choose an agency which are recognized NHS framework approved agencies help in achieving significant results as they are aligned with the KPIs of the employer and it meets the expected international recruitment criteria.

Setting clear time scales for each program is advisable before getting into association with any agency. Provide clear timelines for interviews, travels, cohorts etc. so that the agency can work on the deliverables accordingly

Check track record of the agency before the association. Review the years of service, their market place etc. Understand in detail their specialty and confirm if they can provide the specialty nurses you are looking for. (RMNs, Cardiothoracic, General, A&E, ICU etc.)

Global presence and multiple offices can be another factor. Agencies having multiple physical offices at different countries will help in taking your name reach globally and acquire quality nurses from across countries meeting your requirement.

Having a cost-effective solution is to be focused on. Agency which can work out a cost-effective recruitment projects from small to large scale can be opted for, keeping in mind there is no compromise on quality.

Responsibility for each stage of process is to be delegated with the agency. Have a clear understanding of who is responsible for interview coordination, who will submit compliance, who is in charge of airport pick up etc. This is to be communicated and in contract before the process begins.

Performance management system to be recognized. It is not only important to find the most suitable agency, but also determine they can deliver. Have an agreed communication channel either weekly, monthly or quarterly depending on the employer’s need to monitor the performance of the agency, according to the performance monitoring factors pre-determined.

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