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NHS Case Study - NMC OSCE Training


Tameside and Glossop Integrated Care NHS Foundation Trust

"Nursingjobs deliver a very good ROI we will certainly seek their cooperation for future intakes."

“I have passed my OSCE with your guidance and support. Thank you so much.”

"Nursingjobs Uk team did an amazing job in OSCE training."

"I will highly recommend Nursingjobs UK team for the OSCE training service."


Tameside and Glossop Integrated Care NHS Foundation Trust approached Nursingjobsuk to engage their services as an Approved Supplier of OSCE Training Support (NHS Framework Alliance), to provide training for 66 of their international nurses. Historically, overseas nurses who joined their Trust underwent a 6-week residential OSCE training course upon their arrival in the UK, before actually starting their roles within the Trust.

Challenges faced by the Trust

As nurses were promptly enrolled in a residential OSCE training course as soon as they arrived in the UK, detaching them from the Trust before they could acclimatise, it was believed a more effective approach would be to integrate the nurses into the Trust upon their arrival enhancing the pastoral care provided by the Trust. Previously, nurses often faced prolonged gaps between completing their training and taking the OSCE exam.​

Solutions and Results

The nurses embarked on a 30-day blended learning program, which involved attending face-to-face training sessions at our OSCE training facility once a week over the course of 30 days. Throughout this period, they also had unrestricted access to our online Learning Management System, enabling them to engage in self-practice at any time. To enable nurses to practice skills they learnt during training we provided a self-practice kit including items such as ANTT Dressing Pack, Catheter Dressing Pack, Circle plasters, Gauze swabs, Sodium Chloride Normasol, Glove pack, Lubricant jelly, Pre injection wipes, Clinell universal wipes (big pack), Alcohol wipes (equipment)small, Safety needles (Red) Safety needles(orange), Safety needles (Blue), 5mlsyringe, 10oml syringe, insulin syringe (safety needle), Urine Catheter, LegBag.

The training spanned four weeks instead of being conducted simultaneously to optimize learning and memory retention. This approach allowed candidates ample time for reflection on their learning progress. The nurses’ training concluded with two mock exams scheduled at least one week before the actual OSCE exam, conducted in-person. Thorough feedback was given by trainers following each mock exam.​The 30-day blended learning programme allowed newly arrived nurses to stay within the Trust's setting, eliminating the necessity for them to participate in an external residential program. We facilitated the booking of OSCE exams on behalf of the Trust and organised transportation to the exam venue at Northumbria University NMC Test Centre. Courses were designed and tailored to meet the needs of candidates and provided all the theoretical and practical rehearsals in order to pass their OCSE exam within 12 weeks of being deployed into the UK.

Communication with the Trust

Following the commencement of the OSCE training contract with the Trust, our dedicated OSCE Project Manager attended a project initiation meeting in order to obtain sufficient information from the Trust to deliver the project. The Project Initiation Document was then agreed between the two parties.

The dedicated Project Manager attended regular meetings with the Trusts OSCE lead to ensure they had full visibility of the training progress as well as providing all required Management Information.

Benefits for Tameside and their nurses included:
  1. Providing nursing candidates with free training until they passed, ensuring they received the necessary resources and support to achieve their goals.

  2. Improved retention rates by ensuring success in passing exams on the first attempt, reducing visa expiration risks.

  3. Supporting the Trust with a streamlined training program, saving time and resources by eliminating the need for internal training.

  4. Enabled flexible learning options through a blended program, combining online and in-person components to accommodate individual preferences and schedules.

  5. Delivered exceptional and compliant OSCE training services through highly qualified nurse trainers specialising in adult and mental health nursing.

  6. The benefits of virtual learning were the savings made on travel and accommodation costs and our virtual training session includes: APIE, All clinical skills, OSCE time-based assessments and top tips.

Client and candidate feedback

“Nursingjobsuk team did an amazing job in OSCE training and supporting the group of International recruited nurses to achieve their dream of being a registered nurse in United Kingdom. During training period most of the time they go above and beyond expectation especially Bindhu Mathew and the whole training team by maintaining very well communication, regular meeting initiatives to discuss the progress of each candidate, providing individual feedback to nurses on their performance and finally the mock test which really helped them to attend their exam with more confidence and succeed. I will highly recommend Nursingjobsuk team for the OSCE training service. ”

Christy Simon, Practice Education Practitioner for International Recruited Nurses

Tameside and Glossop Integrated Care NHS Foundation Trust


“We have worked with Nursingjobs on training our last cohort of international nurses. The cooperation has been beneficial and the Nurses and Staff at the hospital have had a positive experience with the team an NJ and the programme provided as well as their flexibility and approachability.Nursingjobs deliver a very good ROI we will certainly seek their cooperation for future intakes.

Alex Pinzar, Lead Nurse, Nursing and Midwifery Workforce Development

Tameside and Glossop Integrated Care NHS Foundation Trust


“I have passed my OSCE with your guidance and support. Thank you so much.”

Christy Kunjumon, OSCE candidate 

“I had a great learning experience. The teachers are awesome helped me pass the OSCE on my first try.”

Alsha Salju, OSCE candidate


​“It was a great learning experience, the knowledge of the subject matter was evident, and the material delivered in a way that was engaging and easy to follow. The tutors were amazing and very supportive. It helped me pass OSCE in first attempt.”

Frylencia Barreto, OSCE candidate

Our OSCE training success

All 66 international nurses from Tameside & Glossop, who successfully finished our 30 day training programme, have now passed their OSCE exams and obtained their NMC pin numbers.

Since we started training in 2016, we have provided OSCE training to more than 1,000 candidates in partnerships with NHS Trusts, care homes and self-funded candidates across the UK.

We are passionate about elevating healthcare professionals' skills and knowledge, and we take great pride in the positive outcomes we have generated through our training initiatives.We are proud of our 4.7 rating on Google My Business, our full candidate reviews can be viewed by following this link.

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