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NMC OSCE Update for International Nurses

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NMC OSCE Update for International Nurses


The test centres will be rolling out OSCE Viva from 23rd October 2023. The Viva will be available to candidates across all fields of nursing, and midwifery, and those applying to join our register as a nursing associate. The Viva provides candidates with an opportunity to address an error they made in the OSCE assessment, and if successfully addressed, gave the opportunity to rectify the error in the marking of that station.


The Viva exam will be introduced gradually, starting with one station initially. This change will not affect the written stations of the examination. Instead, it will be a complementary element designed to provide a more holistic assessment of a candidate's readiness for the profession. This format allows candidates to showcase their practical knowledge, communication skills, and decision-making abilities.





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