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Update to legacy Test of Competence transition – NMC

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The Nursing and Midwifery Council have announced that as of 27th May 2022 they will be allowing candidates who have a valid legacy CBT result to take the new 2021 OSCE. In August last year the NMC launched their new Test of Competence (ToC) 2021 for nurses and midwives, and in January for nursing associates. From the end of July, they will be phasing out the legacy ToC and candidates will have until 31st July 2022 to take their first attempt at the legacy OSCE.


What does this mean for me?

Candidates that have passed the legacy CBT will no longer need to sit the legacy OSCE by 31 July 2022 and they will be able to take the new OSCE without needing to take the ToC 2021 CBT. The validity period of the CBT will still stand at two years.

 The NMC have said that: “We have worked closely with our test development experts and our OSCE delivery partners to ensure that this approach continues to provide a robust and appropriate test.Those taking the new OSCE must ensure that they are fully prepared and have familiarised themselves with the changes we have introduced.Support and preparation materials to help candidates can be found here."

Meeting the NMC’s standards

Candidates that work towards their first revalidation should consider the 2021 standards and focus on the areas of difference.Those candidates that take the 2021 OSCE with a legacy CBT will be considered as meeting the NMC’s pre-2018 professional standards for nursing and midwifery.

How NursingjobsUK can help

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​Source: NMC website

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