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Meeting Timelines when recruiting International Nurses

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The process of international recruitment can be complex and drawn-out so it’s important that employers have a clear set of timelines before working with agencies who specialise in recruiting overseas nurses.

Before you decide to use a recruitment agency, plan a realistic timeframe for your recruitment project.  By researching the agency and determining how long comparable projects have taken will help you select the right agency.  Even with a clear set of timelines be prepared to be flexible as there may be unforeseen external factors affecting the recruitment process.

Consider having a point of contact to monitor the timelines. This can help you understand whether the process is running to schedule and identify any potential barriers that might prevent the timely completion of the project.  

The stage at which a candidate is at is also an important factor. Choosing candidates with IELTS and CBT will save time by removing the need for the candidate to pass them after clearing the interview. NursingjobsUK has an extensive database with over 1000 candidates who have passed their IELTS and CBT ready to attend interviews.

Another key area is to keep to deadlines concerning visa and travel arrangements. NursingjobsUK focus on submitting visa requests within 48 hours of receipt of the Certificate of Sponsorship and booking flights within 24 hours from the date the visa is granted. This plays a vital role in speeding up the process, to ensure candidates are ready to travel and eliminating last minute drop outs. 

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