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The NMC will start testing candidates with the new test from August 2021.

NMC had planned to launch the test in summer 2020, but changed this to August 2021 due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Preparation materials

The NMC worked with clinical partners to review and develop new examination materials and are also improving the range and quality of preparation materials for candidates and those who support them.

Who will take the new test?

After the new ToC goes live in August 2021, anybody who applies through our overseas registration route from that date will take the new test. This also applies to candidates based in the UK who choose to do the ToC as part of their return to practice.

Candidates who have begun their application, but not yet taken either the CBT or the OSCE before August, will also take the new test.

Candidates who have attempted to take the CBT or the OSCE before August 2021 will have a 12 month transition window to complete the current ToC. After 12 months, they will need take the new test.​

How much will it cost?

The fee for sitting both parts of the new CBT will stay at £83. If you need to re-sit the new CBT, the following test fees will apply:

  • Part A and Part B: £83

  • Part A only: £50

  • Part B only: £70

The fee for the new OSCE will stay at £794.

Booking a computer based test (CBT)

At the moment when candidates book their CBT, they’re automatically presented with the test they need to take to complete their application. In the new test, candidates will need to carefully select the right CBT for their application from a drop-down menu.

From 4 June, candidates booking or rescheduling an appointment for the current CBT will only be able to select a delivery date up to 1 August 2021. This doesn’t affect bookings for the nursing associate CBT.

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