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How can we improve the retention level of International Nurses?

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Whilst evaluating the international recruitment activity, identifying the retention levels is one of the key factors. Having a clear international recruitment campaign to invite the right candidate is essential in setting the process focused from the beginning.

The first six months in a new role typically influences whether staff will stay for long term. It is essential to making induction and early pastoral and professional support. Setting a clear understanding of what is expected from the staff who are coming to the UK and being consistent in this will help the new recruit’s settling-in process.

Effective mentoring, professional support and a supportive learning environment will enable recruits to be as productive as possible in their roles. Consideration must also be given to staff in providing professional and pastoral support will inevitably impact on the ability to retain the international Nursing staff. Providing an ongoing immigration sponsorship requirement, including visa renewals and right to work checks are crucial for maintaining resources for a longer period.

Professional development along with learning opportunities can be looked into, so that it enables and enhance the personnel development of the new recruits. Such opportunities will in turn benefit the retention levels.

Whilst it is important to have a robust retention plan, it is also essential to prepare for leavers. We need to know that some people find it difficult to adjust or adapt and they will eventually leave. They may look for other opportunities in the UK or perhaps only had plans of staying back for few months. Having a good two-way communication channel with the staff will help the employers to find out more about their aims, which can be incorporated in their planning process.

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