NMC OSCE Training By NursingjobsUK During Training Session

UK NMC OSCE Training

What if you fail the OSCE for the 3rd time?

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Training for NMC Part 2 Test of Competence - OSCE Preparation for Overseas Nurses

NursingjobsUK provide 30 days intensive Nursing and Midwifery OSCE training on how best a pre-registered nurse (PRN) can perform for the objective structured clinical examination (OSCE), the test of competence part 2 of the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) registration process for nurses and midwives trained outside of the European Union (EU)/ European Economic Area (EEA).

NursingjobsUK OSCE training in brief

We deliver 30 days comprehensive NMC OSCE training for pre-registered nurses in the UK. We cover all aspects of the OSCE including APIE and Clinical Skills, with elaborated and detailed online and practical sessions. After the training sessions, mock exams are conducted with full feedback by our experienced OSCE trainers, who are also long-time NHS nurses. We also provide one day mock exam only for students who wants to improvise in the various aspects of OSCE. 

We deliver OSCE training with a combination of blended learning that makes OSCE training intuitive and simple, with 3 days classroom based OSCE training and 27 days access to our virtual OSCE learning platform. We provide students with specially prepared time table and personal assessment sheets for homework after the training. You can learn at your own pace and fit your OSCE training around work and family commitments, while benefiting from the 3-day practical training session. Our dedicated OSCE team will support, until your exam day. 

NursingjobsUK OSCE training overview

3-day on-site training

Day 1- OSCE briefing, Basic vital signs, systematic patient assessments, APIE stations

Day 2- All clinical skills - ANTT, Administering of inhaled medication, Subcutaneous injection, Fluid balance, In-hospital resuscitation, Intramuscular injection, Midstream specimen of urine, Peak expiratory flow rate, Removal of urinary catheter, Catheter specimen of urine

Day 3- OSCE mock exam, feedback and recap session for areas requiring improvement.

27 days virtual OSCE learning

Our virtual training session comprises all aspects of -

  •  APIE
  •  All clinical skills
  • OSCE time-based assessments
  • Top tips for your OSCE exam
  • How to prepare for your OSCE exam and updates or changes on OSCE exam.

Ad-hoc support is available for the students at the time of OSCE virtual training.

NursingjobsUK is the only OSCE trainers in the UK who provide training every month. This is to make the OSCE training more flexible, so that every candidate approaching us can be trained at a well convenient time. Since most of them will be working as pre-registered nurses or will be an international candidate reaching the UK few days before their OSCE exam.

We recommend that pre-registered nurse preparing for the part 2 test of competence to have 14 days of preparation time before the test date to sufficiently prepare themselves.

Training Highlights

·      Our pre-registered nurses will receive coaching, guidance and feedback to help them pass the OSCE on their first attempt.

  • Our OSCE training is practical and online based
  • Increased student engagement in learning
  • Time flexibility
  • More flexible teaching and learning environment
  • Improved student learning outcomes
  • With virtual OSCE learning you choose the time and pace that suits you best
  • Complete feedback after mock exam

Why OSCE training is essential?

On average, currently only 55% of candidates sitting their OSCE exam for NMC registration pass for the first time. Most of them take 2 or even 3 attempts before they achieve success.

The OSCE will simulate a clinical environment and “patient” scenarios which Registered Nurses and Midwives are likely to encounter when they assess, plan, implement and evaluate care. Candidates are expected to utilize a contemporary evidence base and effectively demonstrate the safe practical application of nursing and midwifery skills.

As recruiters and trainers in the nursing recruitment, NursingjobsUK is pleased to offer OSCE training to get you through your OSCE examination on the first attempt.