New ‘Nurse Anthem’ released by International Nursing body

by Mathew James Ealoor.


New ‘Nurse Anthem’ released by International Nursing body


The International Council of Nurses has released a new song that it hopes will become the “anthem for nurses everywhere”, featuring vocals from real nurses around the world. The song was written by ICN staff writer and editor Colin Parish, who trained as a nurse in the UK in the 1970s, and his nephew Daniel Parish.

Nurses from across the globe recorded vocals for the song and footage for the music video during the height of the coronavirus pandemic, using their own equipment or smartphones. The lyrics of ‘I am a Nurse’ aim to reflect both the challenging realities and the joyous aspects of nursing.

ICN president Annette Kennedy said the song was a “glorious tribute to nurses wherever they are.” “I am a nurse is something that all nurses say with great pride, and it is now something they can sing with immense dignity and joy.” She added

Profits from sales of the song will go to the Florence Nightingale International Foundation, which supports and complements the work and objectives of ICN.

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