“The NHS Volunteer Responders played a vital role” ; Care Minister Ms.Helen Whately

by Mathew Ealoor


“The NHS Volunteer Responders played a vital role”

Ms. Helen Whately, Care Minister “hugely thankful” for their support.

The government has announced that the nurses can now request the support from the volunteers who signed up to strengthen England’s response to the coronavirus outbreak. The NHs volunteer responders have been actively working since the start of April not only supporting the members of the public who are isolating at home and carers, but also offering companionship and emotional support to people who may be feeling alone during the crisis.

The extension of the offer to health and care professionals was announced over the weekend by care minister Helen Whately to coincide with Volunteers Week 2020.

Ms Whately said: “The NHS Volunteer Responders have played a vital role in our response to coronavirus, and I am hugely thankful for their support.

The extension of the scheme was also welcomed by Professor Martin Green, chief executive of Care England. He added: “Our staff are our biggest resource and we know that the scheme will make a difference in reducing the potential for staff to come into contact with Covid-19.”

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