Students will not join NMC Temporary Register (COVID 19) ; NMC Latest Update

by Mathew Ealoor


The NMC has confirmed that the COVID-19, temporary register will not be opening for the nursing students.

It said this was because services had not been “overwhelmed in the way we all initially feared”, and that more than 25,000 students had already opted to carry out paid clinical placements to support the virus response.

In March, changes were made to education standards for undergraduate nursing and midwifery students so they could opt to undertake the final six months of their programme as clinical placement.

At the time, the NMC said it anticipated there “may be additional extraordinary pressure on health and social care services due to the pandemic”.

As a result, it set out the possibility of a student section to the temporary register for those in the final six months of their studies. However, it has now confirmed that this will not be necessary at the present time.

Ms Andrea Sutcliffe, chief executive and registrar of the NMC, said that more than 13,000 former or overseas nurses and midwives had signed up to the temporary Covid-19 register, some who were already working and others on standby. The fact that the level of deployment of registered nurses and midwives on the temporary register had not been what the regulator initially expected was also cited as one of the reasons why students did not need to join as well.

The NMC said there had been a “number of people on the temporary register and available to work but not currently deployed into services”.

“With all of this in mind, it would not be appropriate to significantly expand the temporary register by inviting nursing students to join it,” Ms Sutcliffe added.

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