Kerala’s virus success, COVID-19: BBC News

by Mathew Ealoor


Kerala’s healthcare system has been praised over the last few months across the different countries for its commendable speed and measures taken in fighting the coronavirus. With a population of nearly 35 million, its confirmed cases of COVID-9 are only a little over 600, and only 4 deaths.

Kerala, a state in which the idea of service is inculcated from earlier years, has been one of the key reasons why this state covers the majority of the nursing graduates in the country. According to the Indian Nursing Council, of the 20 lakh registered nurses in India, 18 lakh are from Kerala.

With over 100 Nursing Colleges, Kerala has over 5000 nursing graduates every year. In addition to this and excess number of another 5000 graduates approximately, graduating from over 100 Nursing schools that offer GNM (General Nursing and Midwifery)

Why Kerala Nurses are Emerging?

Kerala having the literacy rate over 93%, has a phenomenal healthcare system at the grassroots level, comprising of primary, secondary and tertiary healthcare centres. Historically, the nurses from Kerala travelled to remote corners of the country and the world: a trend that continues till today. Of the overseas nurses being recruited in the UK each year, majority of the nurses are from Kerala, mainly because of the world-class nursing education system being followed in the state, much similar to the British nursing education, helping them emerge as world-class nurses.