COVID-19 - NMC Temporary Registration for Overseas Nurses

by Mathew Ealoor

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The NMC has reached out to a group of overseas candidates to join the COVID-19, Temporary Register. This opportunity is sent out to candidates, who are currently in the UK, passed CBT, qualification, language, health and character checked by the NMC and have booked for the OSCE.

How to join the Temporary Register?

The candidate does not have to pay the registration fees and can opt-out by informing the NMC if they no longer wish to continue. It is entirely the candidate’s choice to register and be available to work as a registered nurse or midwife during this time.

Upon submission on the form, the NMC will check the same and get in touch with the candidate for any further information if required. Once reviewed, the candidate will be informed that they have been added to the COVID-19, temporary register. No specification on the fields on practice will be added for the temporary registration.

Conditions of Practice:

The candidate will need to comply with the following conditions of practice.

  • The candidate must work as a registered nurse or midwife in an employed capacity for a health or social care employer.  
  • The candidate should always work under the direction of an NMC registered nurse, midwife or other registered healthcare professionals who are not on a temporary register.
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