Coronavirus : How to be productive if you have to work from home.

Coronavirus : How to be productive if you have to work from home.

by Mathew James



Although the government hasn’t yet specifically advised all businesses to follow suit and adopt remote working, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said enforced home working could be an option if the situation worsens. The coronavirus sweeping across the globe has led to the largest mass exercise in remote working in corporate history. 
The impetus for staff to work from home has spread rapidly, but it has also divided opinion. As part of spreading social awareness and a bid to slow down the spread of the novel coronavirus, Ealoor group of companies has initiated work from home to all its employees. Our dedicated team members will be available as usual with the best service. 
It is hoped that keeping employees further apart from each other, it will reduce the chance of group spread as well as the opportunity for the virus to be caught during a commute or in communal office spaces.

On behalf of Ealoor consultancy, we also recommend some ways to make work 
from home more efficient: 

  •  Be realistic about what you can achieve 
  •  Work in short bursts 
  •  Don’t forget to take breaks 
  •  Manage distractions 
  •  Be sociable